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Fishing – Species

Chinook Salmon – “King” (June 14 –July 26)
Named for its enormous size and strength, the King salmon will challenge every angler with their brute strength and stamina.  A King Salmon will average 15 – 40 pounds.  A typical daily catch with Hoodoo Sport Fishing can exceed 10-20 fish per angler. The Hoodoo Kings are aggressive to the well presented swung fly or the perfect lure presentation.

Sockeye Salmon – “Red” (June 20 – August 10)
The Sockeye run is the most plentiful salmon run on the Hoodoo River.  The river annually has an escapement of 200,000 to 300,000 fish to their spawning grounds.  Every one of these fish must pass through the waters that our guests will be fishing.  These fish are fresh as they make their way upriver and are a powerful package making run after run while trying to shake a hook.  The sockeye travel upriver close to the banks, and therefore it is not necessary to wade into deep water to access them. Bring your polarized sunglasses, as sight fishing is helpful.  All of these fish are caught on a fly.  Your guide has the techniques waiting for you to latch into these trophies.  Once you have the technique down be ready for as many as 30 hookups a day. Sockeye salmon average anywhere from 6 to12 pounds in the Hoodoo River.

Coho salmon – “Silver” (August 1– October 2)
The Silver is commonly considered the most exciting and acrobatic of the salmon species to catch.  You will witness first hand how aggressive the Coho can be to the preferred lures and flies we have waiting for you. While sight casting in the crystal clear waters of the Hoodoo River you will see multiple fish moving towards your fly or lure. Once the strike hits your line, be ready for some awesome aerial activity and powerful runs. These silvers range between 10 and 18 pounds. You can expect a strike on almost every cast when the bite is on.  The avid fly fisherman can expect some phenomenal top water action from the Coho on the Hoodoo. Eat your wheaties and pack your lunch you will not want to miss this one.

Chum salmon – “Dog” (July 21– August 14)
The Chum salmon is considered one of the most aggressive and strongest fighting of the Alaska salmon species, when caught within close proximity of entering fresh water, as is the case on the Hoodoo River.  These hard fighters average fifteen pounds and are caught in great numbers during our Grand Slam Season.   

Rainbow Trout (June 20 – October 31)
These prized sport fish are native to the Hoodoo River.  The Rainbow is a spectacular trophy fish to catch on a lure or special fly pattern on a fly rod.  The Hoodoo River provides an abundant food source from the by products of the salmon runs on the river. We adhere to a strict catch and release policy for these majestic fish.  These fish will challenge any angler with impressive fighting ability on light tackle.  Rainbows on the Hoodoo can reach up to 26 inches.

Steelhead (September 21 – October 31)  
The Steelhead, a see run Rainbow, is probably the most sought after sport fish by the serious fly fisherman.  The Hoodoo and our nearby wilderness rivers boast strong runs of Steelhead.  These fish are acrobatic fighting machines.  They average 30 inches and reach lengths into the upper thirties.  Imagine a native rainbow trout on steroids and you have your Steelhead.  The pinnacle of fly fishing adventure might easily be defined as - Steelhead with Hoodoo Sport Fishing Adventures.

Dolly Varden - ArcticChar (All Season)  
Dolly Varden are resident to the Hoodoo River and nearby wilderness rivers, Dolly Varden along with their sea run relatives, the Arctic Char are similar in appearance and have a wide variety of color phases during the Hoodoo fishing season.  These beautiful sport fish are a great addition to the variety that we have available in our program.  The Dolly’s and Char are available throughout our season and are an enjoyment to catch on the fly or with beads behind the spawning salmon reds.  There are days of Dolly/Char fishing where you will loose count of the numbers caught.  These fish average 14-22 inches and are a true enjoyment to catch on a 5 or 6 weight fly rod.