What to bring

Recommended Clothing and Gear List
We strongly recommend that all clothing you plan to use while out fishing be of some form of synthetic. These synthetics, such as poly-pro or capilene long underwear, polar fleece pants, shirts, and jackets make for a warm and comfortable combination in all weather situations.

  • Rain Jacket: Either waterproof or a high quality Gore Tex jacket. Make sure your jacket is large enough to fit over some layers of clothing and the coat/jacket you plan to use.
  • Warm Jacket: Wind stopper polar fleece or equivalent works well.
  • Warm Shirts: Polar fleece or heavy poly-pro, capilene, or something comparable.
  • Light Shirt: Lightweight poly-pro, capilene, etc.
  • Pants: Polar fleece or something comparable for wearing under your chest waders.
  • Long Underwear: Tops and bottoms to use under your top layers for colder days.
  • Socks: Have medium and heavy socks that fit inside your waders.
  • Warm Hat: Something to break the wind and protect the ears on windy days.
  • Baseball Hat: We provide a complimentary Hoodoo Sport Fishing Lodge hat for our guests.
  • Gloves: For cool weather and warming your hands after getting them wet. A pair of thin rubber type gloves can also be useful if the weather is windy and rainy.
  • Sunglasses: Polarized are recommended, as they are useful for sight fishing.
  • Mosquito Repellent: A small pocket sized bottle is best.
  • Pliers: A needle nose plier, etc. is useful if you wish to assist your guide in releasing your fish.
  • Chest Waders: There are many different types available. We recommend a good quality Gore Tex type wader. Simms is an excellent choice. Keep in mind that you will be spending a lot of time in your waders, so have a pair you are comfortable with. Having waders that are loose fitting makes them easier to get on and off. Studded wading boots are stricktly prohibbited.
  • Lodge Clothing: Our lodge is very comfortable so plan on making yourself feel at home with clothing of your choice.
  • Lodge Slippers: Slip-on shoes/slippers are always nice to have when lounging around the lodge.
  • Fly Fishing Gear: If you like to fly fish we recommend a nine or ten weight rod for king salmon.  An eight weight will suffice for the rest of the salmon species and a seven or six weight in a nine and half or ten-foot fast action will work great for steelhead and large trout. Direct drives with disk drives or an anti-reverse reels are nice for King Salmon. We use a variety of fly lines depending on the water we are fishing: floating lines and a versi-tip system or Teeny lines up to 600 grains will cover most of the conditions. A floater, mini-tip and T-series lines 200, 300, 400 and 500 are good insurance. Leaders spools of Maxima or Rio in 8 lb to 40lb test will suffice for most conditions and for building your own leaders. We tie all our own custom leaders and will send you formulas if you would like to tie your own. We also have a variety of flies available at the lodge. Please contact us for fly recommendations or recipes if you would like to bring some with you
  • Fishing Vest: Is not required, but can be very useful if you do not want to be entirely dependent on your guide.
  • Beverages: Beer and wine are supplied at the lodge however, if you have a favorite beverage you are welcome to bring it.
  • Note: If possible try to keep your clothing and gear to one checked bag. Therefore you can check a box of packaged fish as your second checked bag. You should not need more than two changes of clothing for fishing. Our lodge staff will be glad to launder your clothing for you if needed. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.
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